CD Project

For Photography we were assigned to make a CD cover. We got to choose the artist or band we wanted and we had to use at least six pictures that we took our selves. We had to make a front cover, back cover, and a CD.

I choose Badlands by Halsey for the artist and album title. I took six of my pictures that I’ve taken and edited them to look like her aesthetic. I put them onto CD templates on Photoshop and put it all together.

Link to Fonts: Fonts


Cube Project

For photography we were assigned to do a cube project. For this project we had to take six different pictures and add two or more filters to them. Then we had to use Photoshop to make them into a cube.

First I took my six pictures on campus and put them onto the computer. Then I edited and added filters to them. Then I cropped them into squares and put them on onto a template to turn it into a cube.

Link to Filter Tutorial: TutorialChloe_Robinson_CubeTemplate

Action Sequence Project

For photography we were assigned to do an action sequence project. An action sequence is  a sequence of pictures that captures an action. To take the pictures for the action sequence I used a tripod and took the pictures four different times to make sure I got it right.

For this project I took four different pictures of my partner sitting and standing around and on top of a fenced box. Then I used Photoshop to but the action sequence together. Then I opened the finished image in Camera Raw and edited it.

How to make an action sequence:



50 Ways Project

For my photography class we were assigned to do a project were we had to take an object and take a picture of it in fifty different ways. After I took all the pictures of my object i made a contact sheet of the fifty pictures and then I choose four of my favorite images to edit them and make a collage on Photoshop.

For my object I choose a purple amethyst crystal because I really like crystals and I thought it would look really cool. After I took the pictures I edited them and made a collage of them on Photoshop.

Link to editing pictures: Adobe Camera Raw



Alphabet Project

In my photography class we were assigned to do an alphabet project were we had to choose a four letter word or bigger and go outside and take pictures of objects that look like letters. For my project I choose the word “love”.

For the L, I choose to take a picture of a branch that looked like an L. For O, I took a picture of a whole in a tree. For V, I took a picture of a corner of a planter to make it look like a V. For E, I took a picture of a brick wall and cropped it to make it look like an E. To edit and put all the images together I used Photoshop.

Link on editing the pictures:

Link to examples:

alphabet2 (1)

Hockney Project

In my photography class we were assigned to do a Hockney project. The Hockney was created by a photographer named David Hockney and it is a collage of pictures that creates an image. I decided to take my pictures of a basket ball court.

I decided to take my pictures of a basket ball court because I thought it would be pretty simple and easy to put together. I took the pictures by first taking a picture of the entire basket ball court. Then I zoomed in and took pictures to make up the scene.  I went onto Photoshop to put all of the pictures together.

Link to biography of Hockney: David Hockney – Painter, Photographer –

Link to examples of Hockney’s Work: DAVID HOCKNEY: WORKS