Portrait Project

For this project we were assigned to get to know someone and then take pictures of them and choose three pictures to edit and turn in. I took one hundred pictures and choose the three I liked the most.

I took the one hundred pictures I took and made a contact sheet to also turn in. I edited the three pictures I choose in Photoshop and then turned it in with the contact sheet. I choose these pictures I thought it represented her personality.


Self Portrait Project

For photography we were assigned to do a self portrait project. We had to use six pictures. Three that represent who we are in public and three pictures that represent who we are in private.

I took six photos. Each photo had at least one extra layer to add a cool affect to it. I used Photoshop adjustment layers, spot coloring, action sequencing, Photoshop filters, and Photoshop blending.

Link to spot coloring tutorial: Tutorial

Link to blending tutorial: Tutorial